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Mary-Alice Foti

Mary-Alice had been a teacher on the secondary level for more than 30 years. She has extensive district wide experience as a CSE chairperson, staff developer literacy specialist, consultant and trainer. Most recently she has become a consultant to many Long Island teachers, administrators and staff developers in the areas of enhancing teacher quality, differentiated instruction, identifying students at risk, instructional strategies for Dyslexics and Dysgraphics and the new NYS Common Core Standards. She also consults with teachers in collaborative teaching models, cooperative learning, literacy coaches, ELL programs and mentoring programs.

Mary-Alice is affiliated with many organizations such as the International Dyslexic Association, International Reading Association, Council for Exceptional Children and Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Mary-Alice is committed to ongoing professional development for herself and others.


Gina Conrad

Gina has been a teacher for 20 years, literacy specialist, and consultant at the elementary level for several years. Presently she is a CSE Chairperson for the elementary level and C.P.S.E. She has spearheaded prevention and intervention programs district wide and state wide and has presented workshops throughout Long Island in the area of literacy. She has collaboratively designed early intervention programs for pre-kindergartners and trains interventionists in her district. She has shared these ideas throughout the Island. Most recently Gina has been recognized for her expertise in creating elementary programs in the area of reading and her district was the award recipient for the NYS S3TAIR Grant which identifies model districts in their expansion of RtI. Her contributions are immeasurable in the area of literacy.

Gina is affiliated with many organizations such as the International Dyslexic Association, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development and Council for Exceptional Children.

Gina is committed to ending illiteracy and developing and empowering teachers to teach all learners.

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